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Apparently, even though the harmonic series diverges to infinity, the alternating harmonic series converges for the all-natural logarithm of two,

Chance of weak improvement in young children in low-cash flow and Center-earnings nations: an estimation and Assessment at the global, regional, and region degree

, scientist Barry Allen is subjected to radiation from the particle accelerator. Coupled with a mixture of chemicals, Barry gains the chance to shift at super-speed and dedicates his existence to fixing mysteries, combating criminals... and analyzing who killed his mom.moreless

When it's the plural perception of "two or even more sets," it requires a plural verb: Two series of lectures are scheduled: just one for gurus and just one for laypeople.

David Haller is often a troubled younger person diagnosed as schizophrenic, but immediately after a strange experience, he discovers Specific powers that can improve his daily life eternally.

* Star Reward - By landing on a Particular token within the wheel, a contestant had the opportunity to advance to some Distinctive bonus spherical should they have been on the list of runners-up.

A bipolar CIA operative will become persuaded a prisoner of war is turned by al-Qaeda and is intending to perform a terrorist assault on American soil.

Starting up in 1987 (primetime) and 1989 (daytime), the winner of a spherical received his amassed bank in income (thanks to beefs from contestants who had to pay steep taxes and desired income). Over the shopping era, a contestant could elect to position any unused dollars "on account" (which they might claim only on winning a subsequent spherical AND keeping away from the bankrupt Room in the meantime); in any other case, unused winnings ended up placed on a gift certification (usually to Gucci, Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills or An additional luxury shop noticed on Rodeo Drive).

electrochemical series, electromotive drive series, electromotive series - a serial arrangement of metallic things or ions In line with their electrode potentials determined less than specified disorders; the buy displays the tendency of 1 steel to lessen the ions of almost every other steel below it inside the series

A younger lady by using a troubled previous is drawn to a little town in Maine in which fairy tales are to become considered.

These nouns denote several factors placed or occurring one particular after the other: a series of times, a series of facts; a sequence of command, a chain of proof; a development of courses toward a degree, a progression of key figures; a sequence of the chemical reactions, the sequence of activities bringing about the accident; a string of islands, a string of queries; a succession of failures, a succession of here actors auditioning to the Perform.

If time ran small (signified by a series of "dings"), a "hasten" spherical was played, wherein the host gave the wheel a single final spin, with vowels well worth nothing and all consonants well worth Regardless of the host landed on.

is surely an forthcoming American tv series generated to the Fox community. The series is actually a spin-off of 24

series - a bunch of postage stamps owning a standard topic or a gaggle of cash or currency selected as a bunch for analyze or selection; "the Post Place of work issued a series commemorating popular American entertainers"; "his coin assortment provided the entire series of Indian-head pennies"

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